How did women stay slim without exercises in the 1930s?

The answer is simple. They used to have a totally different lifestyle! Firstly, they didn’t need to choose to eat healthy food. All food was organic and there were no GMOs and fast food places.

Women in the 20th century prepared and ate nutritious meals at home, with high-quality organic groceries. They had fewer chances to gain weight than we have today.

Secondly, their life was more active. And NOT because of exercising! They couldn’t work out at all, but still, they were fit. The reason? Their lives were not overtaken by technology. They didn’t binge-watch TV, they had no computers, no internet, no mobile phones, and definitely no smartphones or portable devices.

Want to chat with anyone? Go and meet them! Yes, outside. Talk to your neighbor over the fence, invite some girlfriends for coffee, or meet with friends and family at the pub one weekend evening.

Want to find information on something? Search for it in libraries! Make the trip to your local library, walk the isles, browse actual paper books and soak up that information.

Want to keep the house clean? Do every home activity with your own hands! That includes washing clothes and linens by hand, mopping, wiping, ironing clothes, cooking, setting the table and doing the dishes.

Women used to exercise less, but they had a very active lifestyle and moved around a lot. Imagine just how many squats it takes to clean a big window and what efficient dumbbells a few loads of wet linens make. Add a few trips to the market, a little yard work and sweeping the floors and you’re burning some serious calories.

Now, look at us! Sitting all day long in front of the computer or TV, with little to no physical activity. We’re as lame as pieces of jelly, and we wouldn’t even last a day in our grandmothers’ shoes. There’s only so much that eating the right food can do for our physical and mental shape.

So, move, ladies, move!

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