How 15-minute workouts help transform the body

Just like in the fashion industry, in the world of fitness and sports, there are trends that are popular in a certain period of time. Some of them instantly become hits, but quickly disappear, others become recognizable gradually and eventually become firmly established in the schedules of fitness clubs.

15-minute interval training is the second variant. 15-minute training is a very good option for those who want to accustom themselves to exercising, thus creating a healthy habit for life. It consists of several simple exercises. If we talk about physical exercises in general, it is commonly believed that fat burning involves long and very intensive process of training.

However, it is not always the case. Not all sets of exercises are equally tedious. In fact, most of them are very dynamic and will not take much time. They are very effective not only in the sense of building the correct body relief, but also for getting rid of excess pounds and improving the health. Let ‘s look how 15-minute workouts help transform the body:

1. You get fast results. With regular exercising, it will provide all the same benefits as the 30-minute workout. So, you can see the desired results much faster.

2. You burn more calories. You lose weight even after exercising.

3. You live longer. 15-minute workouts can increase your lifespan by almost 25%.

4. You manage weight. You lose excess weight and maintain it for long.

5. You stay young. This workout combat age-related changes very well.

6. You boost your brainpower. Few people know this, but 15-minute workouts can not only improve your body, but they give positive effect on your brain.

7. You lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising practically without pauses improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

8. You stay happy. Endorphins are released during this workout and you feel happy.

9. You have fun. They can be cheerful and interesting. Add your favorite music to train even more enjoyable.

#1. Burpee
#2. Squats
#3. Leg Raise
#4. Lunges
#5. Tricep dips
#6. Step Ups

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