Effective 10-move tightening upper arm workout

Summer is here, ladies! Finally, you can wear light clothes with short sleeves and show everyone your beautiful body. Wait, we forgot to ask if you are ready for the summer season or not? If you don’t want people to see your flab arms, we have a solution for you!

Today, in our article you will find an effective 10-move tightening upper arm workout that will help you achieve perfect arms in a short time. You can sculpt gorgeous arms with our super-effective exercises that even include some yoga poses. And it’s no secret that yoga poses are excellent for strengthening your muscles and getting a leaner body.

Our training can be practiced both at home and in the gym, it all depends on your desire where you like to work out more. All you need are a yoga mat, your favorite yoga pants, and headphones with relaxing music. During the workout, you will perform a variety of poses that hit all fitness levels and give a real burn where you need it most. In fact, performing this arm workout can take as little as 20 minutes!

If you want to have toned arms and wear short-sleeved clothing, then you just need to find a free 20 minutes of your time and allocate them for training your arms. Nothing is impossible, you just need to follow our instructions in order to perform each exercise correctly to avoid injury and stretching. So, scroll down and start your fitness journey right now!

#1. Tricep Dips

#2. Tricep Extension

#3. Tricep Push-Ups

#4. Push-Ups

#5. “T” Exercises with Dumbbells

#6. Lateral Arm Raise

#7. Pullover

#8. Bicep Curls

#9. Reverse Dumbbell Fly

#10. Chest Fly

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