Are You a Devil Or an Angel, According to Your Zodiac Sign?


People born under this sign are the best and the purest ones. They will never do something that will harm others.


If you did something wrong, they will forgive you.  People who were born under this sign try to help everyone no matter if it comes to old people, animals or poor ones. They are so good that sometimes they can harm themselves. In a world full of evil people, it is dangerous to be that naive.


People born under this sign enjoy their life and they always smile. They tend to make the people around them happy. They can have bad temper if they catch you lying. The truth is the most important thing for them.


They stick to their own rules. Pisces are kind, tolerant and caring. They can get frustrated if others don’t return their kindness. Although they can get mad, they will forget about it because life is to short for those things.


They are generous and likeable. They don’t find it hard to help other people. They feel great when the people around them are happy. Their only flaw is that their strong sex drive can lead them to wrong decisions.


People born under this sign are very strong, beautiful and aristocratic – until someone step on their nerves. Then they become frightening and roar. They will help you till the moment you let them down.


These people are the right example for having personality of angel and demon. How are they going to act depends from their mood? People born under this sign are very good and very evil. Pure like the day and dark like the night.


They are kind, caring, funny and warm. They are trapped in their wishes. If someone did something wrong to them they won’t stop until they get their revenge.


Although they want to be good, they often find themselves in difficult situations. It is very difficult for them to withstand. Their only hope is God’s forgiveness.


People born in this sign are addicted to many sins: drinking, gambling, cheating lying etc. Somehow they manage to cover this. They have great sense of humor and before stabbing someone in the back, they will make them laugh.


These people think that doing good is for the weak. Thus they act evil and if someone catches them, they pretend that they didn’t want to harm anyone. They are very ambitious and they will use everyone just to realize their dreams.


Scorpios are the worst signs and the evilest ones. People that are born in this sign are spreading bitterness. Still, because of their strong sex appeal there are people that will beg them on their knees.

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