A short and intense bodyweight workout for killer legs and abs

Are you tired with boring workouts without seeing results? If so, dig a little bit deeper into your muscle strength by focusing on your abs and legs. We are glad to present you with a short and intense bodyweight workout that will help you achieve results – killer legs and abs!

This workout is designed for women who want to blast fat off their belly and thighs in a short time. You will not believe but your dreams will come true, since our training includes exercises that hit all fitness levels and will help you build a perfect and toned tummy, and also tighten your legs and build muscles. The cool part of this workout is that you do not need to go to the gym, as you can do these movements even at home at any time convenient for you. Before you start doing the exercises, you need to warm up with five minutes of light cardio, then you can perform this five-exercise circuit three times. Cool down with three minutes of stretching.

Do not forget to prepare a yoga mat, your favorite yoga pants, and a bottle of water to perform our workout. We promise that each move of this intense bodyweight workout will leave you feeling amazing, so you will look forward to your next workout. If you want real results, you need to work out! So, ladies, just do it!

#1. Good Morning Stretch

#2. Curtsy Squat

#3. Side-Walking Plank

#4. Crunchy Butterfly

#5. Sumo Squat

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