7 reasons why married men fall in love with other women

Many people dream about the perfect relationship from childhood. They dream that one day they will find a special person who will be perfect. Then they’ll fall in love and will live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, our dreams about perfect family do not always come true. Very often they are ruined by the cruel reality. It turns out that a romantic relationship is a rather complicated thing which demands a lot of effort.

There are many cases where a couple gets divorced because the husband falls in love with another woman. Every woman regardless of whether she is married or not wants to know the reason for a case like this. Here are 7 reasons why a man falls in love and leaves his family.

#1. He is looking for a friend

All of us want to have someone special who will always listen to us very attentively, who will understand and give advice without any judgement. This case is no exception. Men want to live with a woman who will be a real friend to him and will never tell him “I told you so!”.

#2. Men like playing

A marriage always demands responsibility. When men are tired of it, they look for someone who is ready to have fun and to spend time playing games or doing something stupid. So, if there is not enough fun in a marriage, he will find it with other woman.

#3. He likes independent women

It’s a little bit strange but they like independent women, although a woman can’t be completely independent if she is married. Rather paradoxical, right? He asked you to marry him and made you more or less dependent on him and now he doesn’t like it.

#4. He likes happy women

Every man wants to make his woman happy. When he doesn’t manage to do it, he looks for other woman. He doesn’t think that he can make you happy anymore and that’s why he leaves the family or is constantly cheating on you.

#5. He is looking for something new

Very often men fall in love with other women because they want something new, something which you don’t have. When you are not “what he wants”, he begins looking for this in other women.

#6. He can’t stand tears

Some people claim that men cheat on their wives because of their tears. When we cry we make them feel guilty and responsible. As a rule, men don’t like these feelings. It’s much easier to find other woman then to solve the problem and help his wife.

#7. Because of his ego

When people are married for a quite long time their feelings are not as strong as they used to be. That’s why when another woman appears and seems to be madly in love with a man he feels like a hero, his self-esteem grows and he feels great. The man gets all the love that he wants.

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