Quite often people talk about mistresses with disgust. When thinking about this it is important to remember that we are all human beings, with our fears, insecurities and weaknesses.The point here is not to victimize mistresses or to prove that meddling into a relationship is proper behavior and the right thing to do, but to assume some responsibility for such situations, if they happen in your life.

Things to think about for women when thinking about mistresses. What are the feelings of the mistresses?

Many women think that mistresses have no feelings, but it is not so. Many mistresses have a strong feeling of guilt that mars their attempts to have a normal, loving relationship with the man they fell for, who just happens to be your husband.

In addition, they simply deny themselves any chance at a normal relationship by finding an inappropriate partner. There may be many causes for this behavior but, often, it is the direct result of a troubled childhood or low self-esteem.

Basically, these women are not ready for an adult and stable relationship. If you think about it, this may really happen to any of us. Not many people have enough strength to analyze why they have chosen this kind of person.

Besides, in the case of cheating, both women are in a relationship with the wrong person, a person that is not reliable and not suitable for an honest relationship

Things to think about for women when thinking about mistresses

The man himself might have some deep psychological scars that prevent him from being faithful to one person. Or, he might just be unhappy in the marriage and is looking for an escape. Whatever the reason, he is using both women to find his own happiness, and that makes him selfish

Another feeling that the mistress has is hope. Some of these women truly believe that their love may advance their relationship to wife, instead of being just a third party. However, that rarely happens. Usually, such a relationship only brings destruction for all parties involved.

Women who chose to be mistresses are often very insecure people, with great hopes for finding happiness. Before blaming anyone in an affair, think carefully and know that nobody is perfect.

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