5 enormous benefits from doing legs-up-a-wall pose after every run and workout

Lie down near the wall, it is best to put a roller or a pillow under your waist. Leave your legs on the wall, place arms on the sides. Try to relax. Begin the exercise from one minute and gradually increase its duration. If you perform it without a wall, raising and lowering your legs, you can strengthen the muscles of the belly very well.

We suggest you to improve the quality of your life with this simple daily activity.

It will not require you to make financial expenditures, it will not take much time and will not take away energy. So, lie on the floor, throw your legs up the wall and get the following benefits for your body and health:

#1. For something so simple, the benefits are enormous. Throwing the legs up the wall promotes the normal movement of fluids in the body that interfere with normal blood circulation.

#2. It fixed other problem areas. This position of the body helps us also to restore breathing. It allows us to inhale more air, which subsequently leads to a calmer and rhythmic breathing. This, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system: it relieves muscle tension in the abdomen, neck and temples.

#3. It helps you tune out. This position will bring you not only physical relief, but also moral. This exercise immerses us in a pleasant state, helps to find harmony.

#4. It got easier with time. Start from 6 minutes and you will see that after a while you will be able to perform this exercise for about 30 minutes.

#5. It will be a staple in your recovery routine. It is a great practice that will normalize the blood flow in your body after a workout. You fell feel much better after doing it.

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