5 different types of orgasm – and how to have more of each

People who experience orgasms on a daily basis are proven to be a lot more successful and happier. Of course, it is nice to know what is awaiting for you but there are lots of still undiscovered sides. The thing is that most people experience the same kind of orgasm and there is nothing wrong with it. However, there are at least five types of them.

In case we have to cough you by surprise – nice to know! But our today’s primary goal is to introduce to you every known type of orgasms, and in case you do not know how to get there – we are going to try to help you do so. Do not feel embarrassed or anything, help yourself to the new knowledge!

#1. Clitoral orgasm

This type of orgasms is the most known one. It happens when you physically stimulate the clitoris that is why you can easily get there on your own. However, it is short lasting, and that is not that great.

#2. Vaginal orgasm

Not all women experience this type of orgasm which compared to clitoral one is a long lasting and believed to feel unforgettable. It all depends on whether your guy is able to find the g-spot – once he does you will know it!

#3. Blended orgasm

This is when the two described above coincide and is proven to last up to 15 minutes.

To get there you are going to need to put I some effort; they say that missionary position would be the best to try out.

#4. Coregasm

This is a kind of orgasm you can experience while exercising, try leg raises for a change. It is not going to be an intense one but it still going to be pleasurable plus you will still manage to keep yourself fit!

#5. Skin orgasm

Yes, this type is real too, and most likely if you have experienced it. Have you ever go the goosebumps from someone’s touch or from listening to music? That is it!

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