It is pretty obvious that we are all different and therefore have different tastes and preferences. Yet, there are things that both men and women have in common when it comes to the opposite sex. There are some things that attract us to each other on some subconscious level and usually there is nothing pretty about most of these things.

So what do men find attractive about us? You may find this one pretty surprising – but men like to stay at home and do completely nothing and the most satisfying thing to them would be you doing the same. Not that difficult, is it?

1. Men like women with low voices. A husky voice is considered to be super sexy and intimate by many.

2. The messier the room the better – well, within reason, a little chaos is still cute. So do not panic if he is about to drop in and your room is a mess.

3. Many men are attracted to women with kids, they say that single moms are super-hot and sassy.

4. Not all men like skinny ladies, a little bit of cushion is always nicer than sheer bones.

5. The mixture of a pony tail and a baseball cap.

6. Stretch marks – ladies it is high time you rejoice since you no longer have to be ashamed!

7. If you are a little crazy that is great!

8. There are still gentlemen who are attracted to ladies who are saving themselves for marriage.

9. Time’s changed and nerdy ladies are on the edge of popularity.

10. If people say that your laugh is kinda infections that means that men are more likely to be attracted to you.

11. Not everyone likes flawless smiles, there are men who prefer ladies with crooked teeth.

12. Ladies with thigh gaps are also more likely to attract the attention of more men.

13. Some men find ladies with long fingers super attractive.

14. As it has been discovered many men prefer smoking ladies to non-smokers. Very often it happens that men themselves do not smoke. Weird, but what can we do, right?

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