10 best exercises to do at home for shedding pounds

Working out is great, working out is essential but very often it is untimely, is that correct? The thing is that very often we are too busy with all the everyday business and problems that when it comes to taking care of oneself, we are too tired and unwilling to commit something as difficult as a proper workout routine.

However, it all would be fine if we didn’t pack up pounds in the process and when things get really obvious, you can’t just ignore that fact the none of your clothes fit and every look in the mirror almost physically hurts. That is when you start looking for the most suitable workout routine there is for yourself and if this is your first time you may easily fail.

To save you from the disappointment we have gathered up here ten easy exercises that can be carried out even in the safety of your own house and they won’t take you too much time to get over with. However, this routine is super effective so that if you stick up to it and do the exercising regularly, you will see the result in almost no time.

But there is always a but, the best result will be visible when you combine your diet effectively together with the workout routine, otherwise no matter how hard you may try there will be little to no result, and you surely wouldn’t want all your efforts to be in vain, would you? Let’s get the party started then!

#1. Burpees

#2. The press up

#3. The plank

#4. Lunges

#5. Body weight squats

#6. Mountain climbers

#7. Single leg bridge

#8. Russian twists

#9. Dead lifts

#10. Spiderman plank

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